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Kato N 106-6173 Gunderson MAXI-lV Double Stack 3 Unit Well Cars TTX #732002 includes 6 x CN Intermodal 53' Containers

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Kato N 106-6173 Gunderson MAXI-lV Double Stack 3 Unit Well Cars TTX #732002 includes 6 x CN Intermodal 53' Containers


Prototype Information:

Intermodal container service is one of the most popular types of freight service on rails today. The Maxi-IV car is the mainstay of the U.S. domestic double-stack car fleet. Providing an optimum balance between tare weight and capacity, the Gunderson MAXI-IV is a 3-unit articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20-foot to 53-foot long in the well and containers 40-foot to 53-foot in the top, or double-stacked, position. As of a result of its versatility and sturdy construction, the MAXI-IV is now the mainstay of the U.S. domestic double-stack fleet. The popularity of this car on North American rails is underscored by its popularity with model railroaders today!

Model Information:

The powerful appearance of this articulated car will be achieved using a metal injection-molded frame, enhanced by the extensive detail of piping and patterned running boards. Like the prototype, the model will feature two different sized wheels! The two end trucks will have 33” scale wheels while the two middle trucks will have 38” scale wheels. (This is done on the prototype for weight bearing reasons, with the greater weight of the load being borne by the wheels of the mid-car trucks than by the wheels of the trucks on each end.)

Model Features:

  • Provides stable operation with or without container loads due to Kato’s new innovative heavier material steel compound plastic used for the construction of the well car
  • Each container has a magnet and a metal plate to hold it securely to the well car bottom or to the top of the lower Kato container
  • Shock absorber construction provides smooth and stable operation, with or without the container loads. The KATO Kinematic trucks will maintain the prototypical appearance on straight track while delivering smooth operation on curved track
  • Each 3-well MAXI-IV set includes six removable 53-foot containers, all of which are interchangeable with our other container sets or MAXI-I Well Cars (when loaded in the top position, just like the prototype).
  • Our packaging is designed for the separated storage of the articulated unit, providing ease and security when not in use

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  • Kato N Scale Intermodal Maxi-IV

    Posted by RF on Feb 9th 2019

    Terrific build quality, metal bodies, magnetic containers, metal wheels, great details, sturdy functional MT compatible couplers which operate on small radius curves - just an overall tremendous value for the money compared to other brands with plastic wheels and no containers let alone magnetic containers. Well worth $70.00. Reading the instructions for assembly is a must however as the coupling is not necessarily intuitive and a failure to correctly connect the articulated unit will result in compromised performance. Great Kato products. Metal wheels make these cars as free rolling as any product out there in N Scale.

  • KATO Gunderson MAXI-IV Double Stack 3 Unit Well Cars

    Posted by Harry Edmunds on Oct 30th 2018

    Great looking, well made and high quality product. Typical KATO. Nothing is better.

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